Eligibility for plant-based medicine


TGA guidelines state you must have a medical condition for 3+ months to qualify for plant medicine. Some examples include chronic pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, migraine.


Under TGA guidelines you must have tried other treatments before you can be considered for plant-based medicine. TGA guidelines further require that these other treatments must have failed to provide relief or had unwanted side effects.


Medicinal cannabis is not suitable for some patients

  • Patients advised not to drive while treated with medicinal cannabis. THC can be measured and detected in saliva hours after administration

  • Have a previous psychotic or concurrent mood or anxiety disorder

  • Are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant or breastfeeding

  • Have unstable cardiovascular disease

  • Patients with severe immunological, liver or kidney disease, especially in acute illness

  • Cannabis may worsen arrhythmia or its history


If you’re eligible and would like to start plant-based medicine, please make an initial 20 minutes appointment with Dr. Le in the clinic for your assessment and application.  Dr. Le will not prescribe “flower-based” medicine as first line.


Out of pocket cost for the initial assessment and prescription

  • $100 for Medicare card holder,

  • $50 for Aged pensioner or Adults under Palliative care

  • $180 for patient without Medicare


Subsequent consults will be billed the same as a standard consultation (either in clinic or by telehealth).  Bulk bill applied for concession card holders.