Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine for everyone older than 12 years (including adults >60 years)

AstraZeneca Vaxzevria vaccine for adults >18 years who do not wish to have Pfizer/Moderna


Second dose of Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine at 3 weeks and AstraZeneca vaccine at 6 weeks 

Third dose of COVID-19 vaccine in individuals who are severely immunocompromised is available after a telehealth consultation with our doctor to check your eligibility. More information Here

BOOSTER dose recommend at a minimum of 6 months after your second dose (do not book more than 2 weeks in advance). More information Here

We welcome new patients.  All you need is a valid Medicare card.  New patient please fill out registration form Here before ringing for your appointment

We’ve done 17,464 doses (updated 24/11/2021) 

Consent form for Pfizer vaccine can be downloaded Here

Consent form for AstraZeneca vaccine can be downloaded Here

Please bring these to your appointment, otherwise they will provided for you on the day.  Other languages also available Here

If you’re due for your second dose of COVID-19 vaccine, we’re only authorised to give you the same vaccine as your first dose.  If you had any major reaction, you need to book an appointment with your GP to be referred to VivSIS Here for an assessment .

You may have questions about the COVID Vaccine, please have a read Here or make a clinic appointment prior to your injection.  The allocated appointment is for your COVID-19 vaccination only

Once you’ve completed both doses, you can get your COVID-19 vaccination digital certificate Here

We look forward to welcome you to our clinic