Dr Snip “No Scalpel Vasectomy”

Dr Nicholas Demediuk has been performing vasectomies for 36 years using the latest minimally invasive techniques possible to make your vasectomy painless, simple and safe and way better than a trip to the dentist.

The special, spray on, local anaesthetic doesn’t have the pain usually associated with injections making sedation or general anaesthesia unnecessary and obsolete. Only a single micro-keyhole is made in the scrotum without using a scalpel which quickly heals eliminating traditional two incisions and stiches to close the wounds. Dr Demediuk only uses the ‘open-ended’ technique, eliminating the pain caused by back pressure of the traditional method.

Fifteen minutes later you are up and away and safe to drive yourself home, many returning to work the next day and without needing pain medication.

Head over to www.drsnip.com.au for more information.